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Fic Master List

*cross posted to josefmick_fans *

A Master List of my work to date (in order of posting from most recent to earliest)

Short Stories

Title: Fallen
Rating: R
Warnings: Darkfic, Angst, Major Character Death, Suicide, Mass Death, Child Death Disclaimer:
Summary: In a post apocalyptic world, Mick must face the ultimate sacrifice if he and Josef are to survive. Semi requested piece, written for havemy_heart as part of the Small Fandom Fest. Also written for the 20 established relationships community.


Title: Future Days
Rating: PG13
Summary: Josef offers comfort, and a glimpse of future possibilities, after Mick contemplates taking the acceptance of being a vampire a step too far.Written for the smallfandomfest, also written for the 20 established relationships comm.


Title: Enjoy the Silence
Rating: NC17
Summary: Written for an anonymous request for a 'no reaction orgasm'. "Enjoy the silence, let me push you to the edge and beyond without a word, no response, no reaction. Mick wonders sometimes if the game has become a metaphor for their own relationship, the way they seem to occupy the spaces in-between words like love, and forever."


Title: Provenance
Rating: NC17
Summary: Josef arrives at one of Mick & Coraline's affairs in a less than favourable mood. Things take an interesting turn from there.


Title: Hope in Time
Rating: low level NC17
Summary: A year after a car accident that kills Beth, Mick looks to Josef for distraction, and hope. Written for 20_est_relshipsTitle:


The Moon Over Bourbon Street
Rating: Low Level NC17
Summary: The morning after the night before, Mick has a confession to make, which brings unexpected results.


Title: Saints and Sinners
Rating: R
Warnings: Brief mention of thoughts that may be considered suicidal
Summary: Written for the Last Author Standing competition, based on the prompt 'Corruption'


Title: Seasons
Rating: PG
Summary: Written for the LAS TV Network 1 competition. Prompt: Autumn. Mick laments the fact that the seasons change while they do not, but eventually finds a glimmer of hope in Josef.


Title: Fire and Ice
Rating: R
Summary: Mick looks to Josef for answers when he's plagued by bad dreams. Written for the TV_Network1 LAS comm round 2 (prompt: stranded) - also written for Moonlightaholics Champagne Challenge #127 (prompt: insomnia)


Title: At The Edge of The Deep Green Sea
Rating: R
Summary: Mick finds understanding with Josef after Coraline's fiery death. Written for the Last Author Standing competition and 20 established relationships comm.


Title: All This, and Heaven Too
Rating: Low Level NC17
Warnings: Vague hints of Sadomasochism
Summary: A snapshot, Mick and Josef on Valentine's Day. Moonlightaholics Champagne Challenge #126 response (keep it short - write a fic under 700 words). Also written for 20 established relationships comm.


Title: Strange Days
Rating: R
Summary: Written for 20 established relationships comm. Josef and Mick go on a road trip, Mick has an existential crisis halfway.


Title: The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Rating: PG13
Summary: Written for 20 established relationships comm. Five years ago, Mick wasn't ready to hear the answer to his question. Now he returns to L.A, and Josef, looking for a second chance.


Title: Through a Glass Darkly
Rating: Low Level NC17
Summary: Written for 20 established relationships comm. A reflection of their relationship - through a glass darkly, love changes everything.


Title: Elysium
Rating: NC17
Warnings: BDSM - public bloodplay, mild domination/submission, consensual restraint, orgasm denial/control, flogging, waxplay, anal fisting, some voyeurism - mentions also of erotic cutting, and Japanese rope bondage.
Summary: Written for the smallfandomfest, also written especially by request. Mick's curiosity for BDSM is aroused, after he ends up being reluctantly dragged to a Dungeon party on assignment. A lot more than Mick's potential for kink ends up being revealed.


Title: Christmas in New York
Rating: PG13
Summary: Written for the smallfandomfest, also written especially by request for havemy_heart. Josef & Mick spend their first Christmas together in New York.


Title: Cold Fire Hearts
Rating: NC17
Summary: Mick and Josef in the aftermath of Beth's demise, with Mick needing distraction, and comfort. Written for the Moonlightaholics Champagne Challenge No# 124.


Title: Always
Rating: PG13
Summary: Beth's broken up with Mick, and the cats out of the bag as far as Josef's concerned. Written for the 20 established relationships comm.


Title: Love Actually
Rating: NC17
Summary: Josef seeks comfort from Mick after his breakup with Simone. Written for an anonymous prompt for Hurt/Comfort - Any Fandom, Any Pairing.


Title: Blood and Roses
Rating: NC17
Summary: Josef & Mick find respite from the drudgeries of immortality, in each other's arms. Written for the 20_est_relships comm.


Title: Oxygen
Rating: NC17
Summary: The lines between love and admiration are often blurred. Written for the smallfandomfest, also inspired by Swas.


Title: Love in other Languages
Rating: PG13
Summary: Written for the smallfandomfest. Can Josef help Mick overcome his irrational fear of saying 'I love you'.


Title: These Tender Moments
Rating: G
Summary: Written for 20 established relationships comm. Josef helps Mick prepare for his big day.


Title: Sanctuary
Rating: NC17
Warnings:Domination/submission, collar and leash, consensual restraint, blood play, heavy flogging, needle play, pain play, fear play and mind fuck.
Summary: Written for the smallfandomfest, also written especially by request. Mick's curiosity for BDSM is aroused, after he ends up being reluctantly dragged to a Dungeon party on assignment. A lot more than Mick's potential for kink ends up being revealed.

Title: Gioco Stretto
Rating: NC17
Summary: For six decades Josef’s watched Mick shut down, closed off; chasing a feeling only to deny its existence. Now he's determined to jolt Mick out of his denial.


Title: Send in the Clowns
Rating: NC17
Summary:  Josef seeks comfort from Mick after letting Sarah go for the final time.


Title: Love Lies Waiting.
Rating: NC17
Summary:  I learned, at least, what home could be. When things don't work out with Beth, Mick returns home after ten years in New York, and Josef is there to see him through.


Title: Eternal
Rating: Hard R to Low Level NC17
Summary:  Trick or Treat. Josef drops a bombshell on Mick, but can he convince Mick he's right. Written for LJ's 20 established relationships comm: Prompt - 'Questions'. Also written for the Moonlightaholics Champagne Challenge - 'Turning the Tables'.


Title: Dog Days Are Over
Rating: Low Level NC17
Summary:  Mick's been in denial for far too long, Josef wants to coax him out of hiding. The dog days will be behind them, once Mick admits the truth. Written for the '20 established relationships' prompt - Past Times. Also written for the Moonlight VampSisters Challenge - Write a fic inspired by a song. (Inspiration taken from the title 'Dog Days are Over' , from the song by Florence and the Machine.)


Title: Into Dust
Rating: PG13
Summary:  Having just buried Beth, Mick's ultimate realisation seems to have come at a very inopportune moment. Love might not always have the best sense of timing, but when it comes to the one you're meant to be with...Love is perfect. Written for both the Moonlightaholics Champagne Challenge #120 (prompt: Fall), and Moonlight Fanfics Halloween Challenge 2010 (prompt: 12.04 again).


Title: Songs of Fin'Amour
Rating: R
Summary:  Looking to distract Mick from his woes after Coraline's death, Josef ends up at a karaoke bar with a drunk Mick in tow. The night doesn't finish there.


Title: Heat
Rating: NC17
Summary:  There's a heatwave in L.A. Josef catches Mick in a compromising position, which leads to something more. Requested fic, written for Jksgirl on the Moonlight VampSisters Messageboard. Fic prompt - Josef busts Mick masturbating, and then joins in.


Title: Intermezzo
Rating: Hard R to Low Level NC17
Notes/Warnings: Minor erotic restraint, some mild domination/submission. Also an experiment with tense change to signify flashback.
Summary: Josef unloads his feelings about Mick onto a bar tender, who only has hours to live.


Title: Paint the Sky with Stars
Rating: Low Level NC17
Summary: Two different nights, decades apart, each with their own promise set to a backdrop of fireworks.


Title: Redemption Song
Rating: R
Warning: Contains implications of potentially disturbing concepts surrounding Mick's guardianship over Beth as a child that some people may find offensive and/or triggering.
Summary: Josef is concerned that Mick's apparent unwavering desire to watch over the child he rescued from Coraline, is putting both he, and the Vampire community at risk. But is there more to it than that? Written for the Moonlightaholics Board Champagne Challenge #116. Challenge Prompt - Between the Fire and the Fountain.


Title: Riders on the Storm
Rating: Low Level NC17
Summary: Written for the Moonlightaholics Champagne Challenge #115: Challenge Prompt ‘Haunted by the Past’. Also a follow up companion piece to ‘Pictures of You’.http://community.livejournal.com/moonlight_slash/55460.html


Title: Full Fathom Five
Rating: PG
Summary: How will Mick respond, when he finds out Josef must leave L.A for good?


Title: Synchronicity
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Domination/Submission, Consensual Restraint, Flogging, Erotic Tease and Denial, Orgasm Control.
Summary: An intended Valentine's day punishment for Mick, doesn't turn out quite the way Coraline had planned. Written for the Moonlightaholics Champagne Challenge: Prompt - 'Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know'.


Title: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
Rating: R
Summary: Josef spends the anniversary of Sarah's death, drinking atop her grave, and finally admits his biggest regret to Mick.


Title: English Summer Rain
Rating: Low Level NC17
Summary: Just over a year after Beth's death, Josef insists Mick take a holiday through Europe with him, and the English summer rain heralds new beginnings.


Title: Monday's Child
Rating: Low Level NC17
Summary: Missing scene from episode 1, post the 'Vampire Solidarity' speech. Josef demands to know why Mick likes him, and then takes the both of them into unchartered waters. The end of pretence, a loss of innocence. 'Monday's Child' is an English poem first recorded in Devonshire in 1838. The first line of which is used here to represent the acknowledgement of a complicated relationship.


Title: Far From The Madding Crowd
Rating: Low Level NC17
Summary: Disillusioned with Coraline's attitude towards their relationship, Mick accepts Josef's offer of company, and spends the night high atop a hill, looking out over Los Angeles city.


Title: Danse Macabre
Rating: R
Summary: After an evening out, just the three of them, Josef decides to show Beth her place in the scheme of things.


Title: Revelation Boulevard
Rating: NC17
Summary: Written for the smallfandomfest. Prompt, 'Pleasant Surprise'. What might have happened after the end of Episode 10, Sleeping Beauty.


Title: Sex, Lies and Videotape
Rating: NC17
Summary: Mick goes to Josef for help when he finds out someone might be blackmailing him. But who's really responsible...


Title: Bela Lugosi's Dead
Rating: Low level NC17
Summary: Mick's trying to work out his place in the world. There's just one place he can't accept.


Title: In The Realm of the Senses
Rating: NC17
Summary: Written for the smallfandomfest on LiveJournal. Prompt, Carnival. Josef takes Mick on a trip to New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Figuring it's time they got better acquainted.


Title: It Had To Be You
Rating: PG
Summary: Josef surprises Mick with a confession, but who will really end up being the most surprised. Written especially for candlewaxdreams.


Title: Amaranthine
Rating: NC17
Summary: Josef and Mick playing cards, and Mick insists Josef collect on a wager.


Title: Take Me Down Slow And Easy
Rating: NC17
Summary: Everything was easy with Josef. Even when things seemed complicated. That was just the way they were. No stress, and no hassle. Mick had almost forgotten that, now he remembered.


Title: The Same Deep Water As You
Rating: NC17
Summary: A nighttime swim in the ocean. And Mick's first time with Josef, down on the sand.


Title: Dance of the Dead
Rating: NC17
Summary: Halloween night, 1974. Josef & Mick hunting together, against the backdrop of the New York Village Halloween Parade, leads to something much more than a drink shared.


Title: Lessons in Paradox
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Domination/submission, Consensual Restraint, Corporal Punishment, Knife Play, and Fear Play.
Summary: Response to a Fic Challenge/Request. After being re-turned, Mick is finding the bloodlust hard to control. And Josef decides to teach Mick a lesson in paradox.


Title: As Time Goes By
Rating: Low Level R
Summary: What if Josef and Mick had met before Mick and Coraline...


Title: Waiting to Exhale
Rating: NC17
Summary: Mick and Beth are planning their wedding when Josef throws a spanner in the works.


Title: Guilt and Other Distractions
Rating: Low Level NC17
Summary: Mick had long given up trying to understand the strange nature of his relationship with Josef. This was just the way it had always been for them. No beginning; and no end.


Title: Are Friends Electric?
Rating: Low Level NC17
Summary: Josef and Mick let off steam after rescuing Beth, post Josef turning Mick back into a Vampire. Written in 2nd person.


Title: Renovations
Rating: PG13 to Low Level R
Summary: Mick is forced to face the past when Beth unintentionally hears a message on their answering machine, meant only for him...


Title: Of Mice and Men
Rating: NC17
Summary: A combination of Black Crystal, other illicit substances, and Beth's own desire to be more of a part of Mick's Vampire world, leads to more than any of them bargained for. (Beth/Mick/Josef)


Title: Still Waters Run Deep
Rating: Low Level NC17
Summary: One thing you learn when you live forever: it's not to get too set in anything; 'cause it's all gonna change. Just when it seems like everything is going your way and you're maybe even patting yourself on the back. That's when it happens...Your best friend suddenly decides to up and declare he's in love with you.


Title: An Unexpected Gift
Rating: G
Summary: The story of Mick's pendant and ring. Response to a Two Hour Fic Challenge on Moonlightaholics board. Write a fic in two hours or less (Fic written in 40 minutes).


Title: To Immortality
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Beth has decided to hold a treasure hunt for her Birthday. Josef takes Mick aside to have a word to him about their relationship. Moonlightaholics board Champagne Challenge #104.


Title: Carnevale
Rating: NC17
Summary: Going on the hunt together, at a Fairground Carnival, leads to more than either of them expected.


Title: Labyrinth
Rating: Low Level NC17
Summary: A Moonlightaholics Champagne Challenge Response. Challenge # 103 - Write a fic on the theme of what happened after Mick said "I'm a vampire" to Beth at the end of episode 2, "Out of the Past.


Title: Primary
Rating: low level NC17
Summary: Missing scene from Episode 10, Sleeping Beauty. How much would Mick have really cared if Josef had've died.


Title: Tarantella
Rating: NC17
Summary: An offering of Josef/Mick for Valentine's Day. It's Mick's first Valentine's Day after Coraline's untimely passing and Mick ends up getting more than what he bargained for when Josef decides to teach him how to dance a Tarantella.


Title: The Remains of the Day
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A Moonlightaholics Challenge Fic Response. Challenge # 101: - Write a story about relocation.


Title: Pictures of You
Rating: Low Level R
Summary: An almost forgotten photograph holds memories and regrets for Josef, and a lingering hope for the future.


Title: Waltz in Black
Rating: R
Summary: Mick is inexorably drawn to Josef.


Title: Tango
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Josef is teaching Mick how to dance the tango in preparation for his upcoming wedding to Beth. Certain memories are invoked and feelings expressed without so many words.


Title: Days Go By
Rating: G
Summary: My take on the scene in Fated to Pretend where Mick admits his feelings for Beth. Told from Josef's POV.


Title: Introduction to The Vampire
Rating: NC17
Summary: Mick's first real introduction to Josef Kostan.


Title: Mistletoe (isn't always to blame)
Rating: NC17
Summary: Josef and Mick do more than just kiss under the Mistletoe


Title: Acceptance
Rating: R
Summary: An Undead Author's Society Challenge Fic response. smutless smut -- "sensuality over sexuality".Write an intimate scene WITHOUT the graphics.


Title: Picking up the pieces
Rating: PG13
Summary: An Undead Author's Society Challenge Response. Use the title "Picking up the pieces" and the opening paragraph "She ran out of reasons to stay inside. It was way too early but she couldn’t contain her excitement anymore. Putting a stray strand of hair back into the clasp she pushed the sliding doors to the garden open and carefully stepped barefoot over the rough tiles of the patio." to create a story.


Title: Devil’s Night
Rating: NC17
Summary: Josef and Mick celebrate a Halloween holiday tradition together…“Just think of it as an interestingly shaped dildo, Mick”
Written for the "Most creative use of costume accessories" category of the Moonlight Gala Fanfic contest.


Title: Once more with Feeling
Rating: NC17
Summary: Josef fantasises about Mick. A "taking a break from writing angst and woe and having some fun" piece I wrote for my own amusement.


Title: Patience is a Virtue
Rating: NC17
Summary: A Challenge Fic. A declaration of love Mick/Josef. Mick comes to Josef after realizing that he and Beth can never work. He storms into the middle of a poker game declares his undying love for Josef. Josef replies, I'm sorry Mick, I just don't believe in swinging that way, you are a far more adventureous soul than I am. (thanks to cassysj for the idea/challenge).


Title: Confessions 101
Rating: NC17
Summary: A requested two shot.....Josef doesn't believe in fairytales with happy endings, will Mick prove him wrong.


Title: The Art of Seductive Insistence
Rating: NC17
Summary: Josef always gets his own way, Mick should know that by now.


Title: Forever one day at a time
Rating: NC17
Summary: Mick's in denial, will he finally realise that forever means more for Vampires than it does for humans.


Title: Clubber's Delight
Rating: NC17
Summary: Opening night at a new Club in town, Mick really needs to be more careful about which Freshies he feeds on and Josef takes advantage of the situation. 


Title: Unlocked Doors
Rating: NC17
Summary: Some people really should learn to knock first...


Title: Venus in Furs
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Will contain descriptions of S&M play and Bondage/Restraint, including flogging, piercing play and wax play.
Summary: Roleplaying with leather...


Title: Mardi Gras
Rating: NC17
Summary: Requested one shot piece. A short smut piece with Mick and Josef in an alleyway during Mardi Gras in New Orleans.


Title: Bathhouse
Rating: NC17
Summary: Requested one shot piece. Mick and Josef engaged in a very public display of "affection", set amidst Mick's first time at a Bathhouse, with Josef as his host and guide.


Title: Crisco: and the uses thereof
Rating: NC17
Warning: Contains a description of Anal fisting.
Summary: Mick/Josef at Josef's place after their "80's" night out, Mick discovers there's more than one use for Crisco.


Title: Water's Edge
Rating: NC17
Summary: Josef takes Mick down to the ocean one night to get his mind off things


The Eternity Series (MultiChapter Series - Work in Progress)

Title: From Safety to Where
Rating: ranges from PG13 to NC17
Notes: First piece of creative writing I'd even attempted in close to 20 years, and it shows. The writing and characterisation in this is pretty terrible, the only reason I keep it posted in its original form is as a reminder of how my writing has progressed.
Summary: Josef re-turning Mick has had some interesting consequences for their relationship...how do they handle it and where do they go from here?


Title: Rosegarden Funeral of Sores
Rating: ranges from PG13 to NC17
Summary: After 50 contented years together Josef and Mick's relationship is about to be put to the test when a comatose Beth Turner finally wakes up.


Title: Immortal Beloved
Rating: ranges from PG13 to NC17
Warning: Contains the death of a major canon character
Summary: Getting married wasn't supposed to be this difficult...


Title: Days of Blood Wine and Roses
Rating: ranges from PG13 to NC17
Summary: Six years after Immortal Beloved. Josef and Mick are living in Paris with Katherine and Roisin. This is the story of their lives, the difficulties & tragedies they must face & the history of Josef's relationship with Mick.


Title: Requiem
Rating: ranges from PG13 to NC17
Summary: The continuation of the story started in Days of Blood Wine and Roses



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May. 10th, 2012 05:31 pm (UTC)
This very handy. I'll be slowly reading these over the weekend^_^
May. 12th, 2012 12:03 pm (UTC)
Cool, glad the list came in handy :) Just a warning in advance, the first multichapter in the Eternity Series (From Safety to Where) was the first piece of creative writing I'd even attempted in 20 years, and it shows. It's got some shocking grammar, bad sentence structure, regularly heads into OOC territory, etc. I've decided not to edit it, because I like having something I can look back on as a benchmark for how my writing's improved, but yeah, it's bad fic, really, really bad fic.
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