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Fic Master List

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A Master List of my work to date (in order of posting from most recent to earliest)

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prompt table for 20_est_relships

01.Celebration02.Surprise03.Pleasure04.Past Times

Prompt Table for 20 Fics

001.“You’re mine.”002.“Really?”003.“Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse.”004.“Please don’t cry.”005.“Stop distracting me.”
006.“I hear you.”007.“That doesn’t make sense.”008.“When hell freezes over.”009.“I think I may be stuck.”010.

“Loony bin is that way.”
011.“Do you expect me to believe that?”012.“I should have told you this sooner but ___”013.“I can’t stand you sometimes.”014.“I trust you like I trust no one else.”015.“You suck!”
016.“My place is your place.”017.“I need you.”018.“Congratulations.”019.“That’s completely insane!”020.Writer’s Choice

 landofart Challenge 23 - Create A Cover Image For FanFic


1 x 800x500 Banner for Days of Blood Wine & Roses

(Characterx from l-4 , Roisin 'O' Dwyer aged 8 (OC), Auguste Vasilescu (OC), Josef Kostan, Mick St John, Leonard aka Lestat (OC), Katherine 'O' Dwyer (OC))


NB: I need to fix the chapters in this fic, some haven't posted properly and others appear to be out of order. I assume FF dot net is having it's usual hissy fit. ;) Also unfortunately I couldn't fit another major OC onto the banner, Pierre Lamont. 

Land of Art: Challenge 21 - Horrific

 landofart Challenge 21 - Horrific

Challenge Details


Art made for the challenge

1 x Wallpaper (1024x768)

2 x LJ Header (600 x 328 + alternate size 577 x 315)

1 x Banner (600 x 400)

Land of Art: Challenge 20 - All Dressed Up

Picspam Challenge ~ Characters In Costume

1 x 9 image picspam - Buffy and friends at Halloween

(it has come to my attention that I suck at decent picspams)

Bonus Challenge - Dress Up Doll


Josef/Mick: Moonlight

1 x Facebook Cover Header (850x315)
1x Wallpaper (1024x768)
1x Tumblr Graphic (500x500)
1x Friends Only LJ (600x400
1 x Ipod Wallpaper (320x480)

Extra Points (Art + Ship Name)

1 x LJ Header (640x300)

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